TITAN Inspections -
Cut Downtime and Save Money
At TITAN Crane & Hoist we are prepared to meet your inspection needs, with a 157 point inspection using OSHA, ANSI, and CMAA standards. Our inspections also note items that aren't safety issues but may affect your cranes' reliability, saving you both money and downtime.

TITAN inspection packages are a step ahead of our competitors'.  Where site security permits, digital photos of potential problems are taken during the inspection and delivered at no extra charge on CD Rom along with the reports. This means you can print multiple copies of reports right off your computer, you can email photos and reports to key personnel, and finally, you can see for yourself the exact condition of your cranes without climbing on them yourself.

Detailed hardcopy reports with digital support means no more hiding reports in the office for fear of loss or damage. It means problems can get the proper consideration and repairs needed, without the time delay of one inspection copy working its way through a chain of necessary hands. Everyone who needs a report can get it with the click of a button.

Titan Certified OSHA inspectors perform a detailed inspection to cover all aspects of your cranes and hoists, not just safety issues. The inspections identify issues that could shorten your equipment's lifetime if not corrected and also provides preventive maintenance steps that should be taken to remedy the problems.
Non-destructive exams of hooks are included. Hooks can break unexpectedly. Some applications use our ultraviolet hook testing equipment to detect cracks before they are visible to the unaided eye.

We can also track your motor tag information and hoist, trolley and bridge serial numbers in our database. This reduces the need for a service call to gather information in the event of a breakdown, allowing us to serve you faster and cheaper.

TITAN inspections allow you to make well-informed, timely decisions about your crane and hoists' maintenance.

We help keep your workers safe, your equipment running, and your downtime minimized.