At Titan Crane we want to be your "Go To" Company!
Complete service
We are a go to company for all your overhead crane and hoist related needs. Whether it is changing a wire rope or replacing a gear case, we can get you running when you are broken down. We provide 24-Hour Emergency Service.

Certified OSHA Inspections
We provide a 157 point inspection using OSHA, ANSI, and CMAA standards. OSHA requires inspections with a written record at a minimum of once a year, depending on severity of use. Inspections also note items that aren't safety issues but may affect your cranes ability to keep running.

Preventive Maintenance Programs
We offer preventative maintenance to address these crane threatening issues caught in inspections, as well as PM schedules to meet your cranes' regular need for proper oil levels in gearboxes, grease on bearings and exposed gears, and a well lubricated wire rope or chain. A good example of such maintenance would be ultraviolet testing for cracks in hooks and lifting attachments, to detect these before they are visible to the unaided eye!
We upgrade and refurbish all types of cranes. These upgrades include, but aren't limited to:
converting DC power cranes to AC power
installing and upgrading variable frequency drives
replacing an outdated control system,
DC motor and control conversions and repairs
installation and upgrade of radio controls [offers operator mobility]

Field and Shop Repair Work including:
Wire rope testing and replacement
Motor repair
Brake adjustment and service
Control panel troubleshooting on all makes and models
Rail surveying and adjustment
Mechanical and Electrical Field Trouble Shooting
Electric and Manual Hoist Repair & Reconditioning

We maintain a computerized database of inspected cranes' hoist, trolley and bridge motor tag and serial number information. This helps us order parts faster with less likelihood of needing a service call to verify the parts to be ordered. This results in less downtime for you!

Custom Manufacturing of overhead cranes, jibs, and gantries to meet your business' needs and environment. We can assist in the fabrication, installation and startup of new cranes.

Contact us about other services not listed here; we may be able to help!